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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Today more than ever organizations must demonstrate that they understand and they KNOW HOW TO DO MORE than just talk about added value. Our job is to design innovaction tools. We believe variety is the spice of life. We think analytically and analogically. We think, we think differently, we re-think, we think of things you may have never considered. We balance what can be done and what is useful.

News & Events: APT IT launches the company website.

The site promotes the company’s applications related to the HR industry. Our portfolio is the result of the experience that we have gained being a part of one of the top 3 HR companies in Romania. We consider APTITUDE to be more than just a software. It is a new way of delivering HR services in Romania. The business model encourages partnership and collaboration.

The objective is to efficiently integrate processes, procedures and providers in one single, improve value chain. The 360 degree platform has been developed to fill in the gap between the way organizations currently do business and the way they are expected to perform in the future.

The system is not just a feedback collection tool. It enables dialogue and performance.

We think that 2010 is a turning point in the HR industry. Providers will need to become more flexible. They will need to better understand business and processes. We are ready for this because we have already faced these challenges working with multinational companies. We understand payroll, personnel leasing and outsourcing and we have developed platforms that support mixed workforce structures.